It’s almost June and we’re busy!

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Five months into the business and we’re busy! We recently finished up the 78 VW Convertible which you can see here. The same customer brought us a second 74 VW Super Beetle Convertible that it will be getting an entire interior restoration as well as a complete top replacement. We’ve started on this project by removing the interior and top and we are currently restoring the seat springs and top frame. Another project that’s in the works is a 1997 BMW 328is track car. The stock in line six cylinder engine has been removed and we’ll be installing an LS3 […]

Open for business!

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As of January 1st 2017 we are open for business. Work is coming our way in the form of a Jaguar XJS that’s here for some ABS troubleshooting and repair of a leaky hydraulic pump for the soft top. We also have two mid 70s VW Beetles coming in the shop for a complete interior replacement due to flood damage. It’s good to open and doing work we love! Happy new year!

Welcome to Resto-Euro

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Resto-Euro provides specialty services for European automobiles. We offer component restoration, performance mods and accessory installations. Services include Carburetor – Engine – Transmission – Steering – Ignition – Suspension – Soft tops – Interiors. We are currently in our startup phase and plan on a launch in January 2017.